My name is Nora Sztrelko

I was born in 1973 in Hungary.

I have admired portraiture since my childhood. Encouraged by my father, I tried painting a portrait first when 12 years old.

All themes related to people, life scenes, events or situations expressing human emotions excited me greatly and the style represented by romantically realist painters, such as the art of the Hungarian Mihaly Munkacsy, had a huge influence on me. In addition to painting, I also worked as a book illustrator.


After 18 years spent burning in the fever of realism, I moved to Canada in 2006, where I was confronted by modern art and its freedom. The new style excited me enormously, and I follow it to this day.

I am now a representative of a style which is mostly abstract, but I do revisit my favourite realism from time to time, as well as impressionism on occasions, a style that I also admire.
This way I avoid being stuck in a particular style. I love variety and allow myself to follow the lead of my current emotions when creating anything, be it an impressionistic portrait, or a nude, a realistic life scene or an abstract painting.

In 2008 I moved to Australia and I have lived here ever since. Wonderful Australia is a source of incredible inspiration for my art.


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Nora's following interests
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